Shops of Salzkamyoto

This series was born out of necessity really. I was working on my Khloe and Kibble series and I wanted to create an apartment hunting image so I needed to design an apartment…which led me to design some shops in my fictitious town Salzkamyoto. Salzkamyoto is a town where east meets west, in particular the traditional german architecture of the Salzkammergut region in Austria with the more traditional japanese architecture that can be found in Kyoto.

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01 Jensen’s Baked Goods : your one stop for morning rolls and delicious coffee

02 The Old Book Store : a little gem hidden away in a side street that’s owned by Granny Mae.

03 Heavenly Crepes : the place to get crepes that are just out of this world.

04 Knit + Purl : a charming little yarn store.

05 Garden Schenke : it wouldn’t be a German inspired town without a Beer Garden. Schenke – means tavern in German.

06 Bag ‘n Pack : this is your go to store for anything travel and especially backpack related. This little store is located right next to the Garden Schenke.

07 Finn’s Sushi Restaurant : one of the best Sushi restaurants in town. It’s no surprise that Finn’s is usually booked up weeks in advance.

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