My name is Sonja Christoph and I’m a Freelance CG Generalist, Matte Painter and a Schoolism instructor based in Malmo, Sweden.  My focus is on creating environments and telling stories. I’ve worked in Film, TV, Commercials, Theme Park Rides, VR, Toy Manufacturing and AAA Games. Some of my clients and studios I have worked for are Industrial Light & Magic, Rhythm & Hues, the Mill, ILMxLab, Ubisoft, IO Interactive and Twin Suns Corp.


I love telling stories and creating places I would want to explore. When I’m not behind a computer I’m probably behind my camera, traveling and exploring the world.


One of my other favorite hobbies is to learn new things, whether that’s a new software, a new technique or how to re-arrange the office. I simply enjoy trying new things. More recently I’ve used that passion to start teaching at Schoolism. I have released one course already, my Introduction to Blender course and I’m currently working on another. Stay tuned!!

News and Updates:

Blender Scripts Update V3.2

Blender Scripts Update v3.1

Live Feedback Session

Blender Class – Update 3.0

Blender’s Asset Browser

Recent Works

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