Khloe & Kibble

This series was in a way inspired by a few japanese animated movies like “Your Name”, “Whisper of the Heart” and “Ocean Waves”. These movies reminded me of how magical every day moments can be and I wanted to create a series capturing those moments.


For this series I created a new character – my protagonist and hero – Khloe. Khloe just graduated from High school and is about to head off to university. She is accompanied by her trusty Shiba Inu Kibble and together, I follow her on her journey through life.

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09 – At the Busstop

Who doesn’t want to do a little diggin’ on this beautiful day?

08 Beggin’ – Khloe and Kibble at the local Ramen Shop on a warm evening in springtime.

05 Winter in Japan.

06 Torii Gate in Winter.

07 Tsunan Snow Festival


Summer Rain – Khloe and Kibble at the Tea House in Friendship Garden.


On Top Of The World – Khloe and Kibble in Tibet.


Here I experimented with what a possible movie poster design could look like based on my initial piece.


This was the first image in this series, depicting Khloe and Kibble starting on their adventure and in many ways this piece is also a representation of me, starting to go on this new journey with them.

Fun Fact: The bridge design is based on a bridge along the Hachiman-bori canal (八幡堀) in Ōmihachiman, Shiga-ken, Japan.