This series was in a way inspired by a few japanese animated movies like “Your Name”, “Whisper of the Heart” and “Ocean Waves”. These movies reminded me of how magical every day moments can be and I wanted to create a series capturing those moments.


For this series I created a new character – my protagonist and hero – Khloe. Khloe just graduated from High school and is about to head off to university. She is accompanied by her trusty Shiba Inu Kibble and together, I follow her on her journey through life.


At the Busstop –

Who doesn’t want to do a little diggin’ on this beautiful day?


Beggin’ – 

Khloe and Kibble at the local Ramen Shop on a warm evening in springtime in their local neighborhood.


Winter in Japan


Summer Rain –

Khloe and Kibble at the Tea House at Friendship Garden.


Bridge of Hope – 

This was the first image in this series, depicting Khloe and Kibble starting on their adventure and in many ways this piece is also a representation of me, starting to go on this new journey with them.

Fun Fact: The bridge design is based on a bridge along the Hachiman-bori canal (八幡堀) in Ōmihachiman, Shiga-ken, Japan.

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