Blender Scripts Update v3.1

April 30, 2022

I have added some additional functionalities  to my custom Blender Scripts for Blender v3.1.


Frame Selected

You can now frame selected when in edit mode by pressing Ctrl F. Before this you could only frame selected by hotkey when in object mode. You can find frame selected under View > Frame Selected.



You can now bevel vertices by pressing B. Before this, it was only possible to do so by right clicking and selecting bevel vertices in the menu.


Apply Scale Automatically

When you scale your object in object mode (vs edit mode), Blender will automatically apply the scale of your object for you. This saves you from having to manually apply your scale. If you don’t apply your scale after you have scaled an object in object mode, many tools will behave incorrectly. You could for example end up getting non uniformly scaled bevels on your object.

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