Blender Scripts Update v3.2

July 13, 2022

My custom configuration files are now available for Blender 3.2!!

With Blender 3.2 the blender team has restructured and opened up a lot more customization options in the keymap. This will allow for more amazing hotkey configurations but has also made things a bit harder to find and easier for things to break. I have tried to test things as best as I could but please, as always, let me know if you encounter any issues.

You may also notice there is now a Preset folder in the Blender Scripts folder. This folder is usually generated automatically by Blender in your Users/~/AppData/Roaming folder and is responsible for loading your custom hotkeys automatically. This means, that now with 3.2 the custom hotkeys should now load automatically and you shouldn’t have to manually install the hotkey script (but in case it doesn’t, please go ahead and manually import the hotkey script).

Please let me know if you run into any issues or notice anything broken.

Happy Blendering!!


August 5th, 2022 Updates:

  • assigned Left Ctrl to Snap Invert Toggle. This will allow you to toggle snapping by clicking ctrl when you’re in edit mode.
  • removed Subtract Inset from the Boolean Pie menu since it caused Blender to crash.

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