Re-discovering a Dream

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One of the most important questions I always ask potential new hires at their job interview is this:  what do you love most about being an artist?

Most applicants chose a generic answer and mention specific skill-oriented tasks like modeling or lighting. The more creative ones bring up some more abstract concepts, like working in a team or creating something that people will enjoy.

I love being an artist because it allows me to tell stories and it was that realization that made me want to become a writer.

I used to fill notebook upon notebook with different stories as a child but as I got older, I got distracted. Other things become more important and before I knew it, a whole career and then another one had happened and  it wasn’t until that conscious realization, that I re-discovered this long lost passion of mine.

This passion has evolved into a new dream and this blog exists to bear witness to my journey in pursuit of that dream.

I don’t know where this journey will take me. I don’t know if I will succeed or not. What I do know is that there will be many challenges ahead and that I have a lot to learn but I also know that this not the first time I’ve challenged myself to try something completely different, something people thought was nearly impossible to achieve and everytime I’ve done so, regardless of whether I succeeded or not, I’ve grown by leaps and bounds and I’ve never, not once, regretted the attempt.

So, if you do happen to stumble across (and read) this blog of mine – thank you for joining me on my journey! If you have feedback for me, please do leave a comment.

You will find a collection of writing exercises (short 15-30min essays) and short stories here as I’m beginning my daily practice of becoming a writer.

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