Morning Thoughts

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My favorite part of the day is the morning. Everything is quiet in the morning. There are no distractions, no urgent messages I need to respond to, no meetings or appointments I need to dash off to.

Everything is peaceful. It’s my time. This is when I get to collect my thoughts and prepare myself for the day that lies ahead, over a mug of steaming, delicious coffee of course.

For me, a day does not begin until I’ve had my coffee. The few days, where I did not get my coffee in the morning and those are thankfully only few and far between, were terrible days.

Those were the days we nearly missed our flight because I suddenly forgot how to read a clock properly, the days the heel of my beautiful suede leather pumps got caught in the cuff of my pants and sent me flying into the unforgiving asphalt and the days I backed my car up into a pole, a static, non-moving pole that had been there for years. Yup, not some of my best moments but then…we can’t always have good moments, can we? If we are always on top of our game, if everything works out the way we expect it to…well…I think life would become rather boring.

These hiccups or blemishes in our lives are what make life exciting, unpredictable and stimulating. They keep us on our toes, push us towards growth and keep us guessing for what will happen tomorrow.

This short essay is the result of a daily 15 minute writing exercise.


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