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It was only seven o’clock in the evening and yet it was so dark, it might as well have been midnight. The streets were soaked from the rain that had been falling relentlessly since the afternoon.

Elsa tugged on her umbrella, opened it up and stepped out onto the street. She was done working for the day and was now on her way home. Her way home lead her through a park.

During the day, this park was full of life with children playing, people taking their dogs on walks and brightly colored flowers everywhere. Those colors were gone now as the shadows of the night had taken possession of it’s inhabitants. It was eerily quiet. The only sound that reached Elsa’s ear was the menacing downpour of the rain and her own footsteps…until…there was another sound.

She glanced over her shoulder and spotted a dark, shadowy figure. It was a man, a very muscular man, judging from his posture and movements. Elsa walked a little faster and rounded the corner.

After a few minutes she dared another glance. There he was again, closer this time. Was he following her? Elsa’s pulsed quickened. She tried to walk a little faster still and yet, it didn’t seem to matter how fast she walked, the man was coming closer and closer.

Panic welled up in her now. She looked around for any sign of life or help but there was none. Trees and bushes blocked her sight. She heard her own heartbeat pounding in her chest. He was only a few steps behind her now. Her hands reached for the keys in her pockets. She slid the largest key between her fingers and curled her fingers into a fist. She would not go down without a fight.

She heard him first. His breath was fast and heavy. Then she saw him.

“Chris?” she cried out with sudden shock and surprise.
The hooded figure stopped and looked up to meet her eyes.
“Oh hi Elsa…I didn’t even see you there, “ came the oh-so-familiar voice of her friend and colleague. “I’m just trying to get home. It’s nasty out today isn’t it?”

Elsa let out a loud laugh.

This short essay was the result of a daily 15-30min writing exercise.


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